About Sierra Craftsman

Sierra Craftsman takes pride in purchasing and running equipment revered as industry leaders for quality and performance. We operate out of a state-of-the-art shop that allows us to apply modern technology and computer-aided design to hand-crafted techniques, delivering a beautiful finished product. Sierra Craftsman has a full-service finishing department.

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Our vertically integrated "Striebig Panel Saw" for processing
sheet goods is considered the best in the industry, offering
absolute precision cutting.

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We have many other pieces of equipment:
pneumatic face frame tables,
hinge and line boring machines
that cut precisely so that we can offer
high quality products.

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An Italian made "Sicar 43" wide belt sander"
is a flagship in our our equipment line-up,
providing perfect smooth and refined sanding
for furniture quality finishes.

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Cabinets ready for final inspection and delivery.


About John

Sierra Craftsman is run by John McCabe, who has been building custom homes for 25 years. John has specialized in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee area for over 17 years. Coming from a family of builders, John started off building high-end colonial and victorian-style houses in the mid-Atlantic region since the mid-eighties. John later found his calling in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and moved there with his wife Heather in 1999. They currently have 2 children who are loving mountain life as much as their parents.

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